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Foot Massage, Body Massage, Shoulder and Back Massage, Cupping, Ear Candling, Head Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage) is an advanced therapeutic method that involves a gentle, rhythmic massage designed to stimulate the lymphatic vessels and naturally encourage the flow of lymph fluid.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage incorporates a variety of massage techniques in order to provide and promote healing.

Chinese massage

The benefits of massage have long been documented. One of the most oft-cited studies shows that massage can decrease cortisol (the stress chemical) by an average of 31%, and increased serotonin and dopamine by around the same amount (31% and 28% respectively).

What are the health benefits?

Massage Chinatown

Eases pain

A few studies have been done on the therapy’s effect on pain, from the neck to lower back. Anecdotally, this is one of the most common reasons for people to seek TCM or Tui na. One study showed that a group of patients with chronic neck pain improved greatly with regular treatments over a period of a few weeks. Another showed that people had less back pain when they received Tui na in conjunction with core exercises. And another focused on carpal tunnel syndrome, where study participants successful recovery rate reached 81% when combined with acupuncture.

Faster injury recovery

Massage therapy is often used alongside physical therapy to aid in the recovery process. One study showed that when applied to skeletal muscle after injury, it reduced inflammation, which resulted in better recovery speed and performance.


Improves balance

In one study, patients with Parkinson’s (a disease that often causes sufferers to have impaired coordination, resulting in imbalance and frequent falls) showed that after three months of regular practice, their overall performance greatly improved—even more so than the groups in the study who practiced strength training and stretching.

Increases circulation

“When you push and pull, you are telling the body to bring more blood to the area,” says research. “And when you do this correctly, your blood pressure goes down, not because there is less fluid in the system but because your arteries expand.” And a small recent study shows that a specific technique—Yi Zhi Chan Tui na—can indeed improve circulation in patients.

Palpating (mo)
Rejoining (jie)
Opposing (duan)
Lifting (ti)
Pressing (an)
Kneading (mo)
Pushing (tui)
Holding (na)

A highly trained practitioner will use any of the following to target concerns. They will do so with different intensities and orders.


Foot Massage, Body Massage, Shoulder and Back Massage, Cupping, Ear Candling, Head Massage